The Andromedary Instinct was imagined in the early 2000s as a consultancy with a name that did not observe the two predominent naming standards of the time: <something> Microsystems and <something> Networks.

Our founder ran Indyramp Consulting from 1995 on (registering the domain the day before Network Solutions started charging for registrations).

From roughly 2002 until 2012, the Andromedary Instinct was primarily a mailing list service with some web sites.

Our original location in downtown Sunnyvale (2012-2013)


In February of 2012, a convenient storefront became available in downtown Sunnyvale, California. We rented it and loaded the shelves with geek gear of all sorts, some for show (like the AT&T UNIX PC) and some for sale.

In July of 2013, when that storefront was sold and demolished to become apartments, we moved to our current location about a mile north-northeast of Historic Murphy Street in downtown Sunnyvale.

Present Day, Present Time

We primarily conduct our business online (through eBay) with occasional stands at the Electronics Flea Market (currently hosted in the parking lot at Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale).

With the recent closure of Weird Stuff Warehouse and the impending closure of Halted, we will be trying to open on scheduled (or at least announced) weekend hours going forward.

Until that happens (hopefully in Spring 2019), items listed for sale here or elsewhere and offering local pickup can be purchased and paid for in person by appointment (as we do have day jobs). We can accept credit and debit cards on site. We do not accept Paypal for local pickup, and we do not accept personal peer-to-peer services such as Venmo at this time either.

All eBay purchases must be processed and paid through the eBay platform (which currently means Paypal for payments).


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